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UnClobber is the resource thousands have been waiting for. An evangelical approach to the Bible and homosexuality can lead to a more expansive and inclusive view. LGBTQ people are not condemned by the Bible or by God. Progressive Christianity is about a more just and generous expression of the Christian faith.

UnClobbering Romans 1:26-27


Filmed in stunning High Definition, the UnClobber Video Series revisits the Bible passages that have been traditionally used against the LGBT community.

By exploring these passages in depth, and truly listening to these Scriptures in their context, I believe the Bible actually does NOT condemn people born with same sex attraction. 

These videos are free of charge. Cause, well, this message needs to get out there! But if you would like to help support UnClobber, you can leave a Tip here.

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UnClobbering Romans 1:26-27


UnClobbering Romans 1:26-27

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"Their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women..." -Romans 1:26-27

It's Not Natural jumps in to the heart of one of the most often quoted Clobber Passages, Romans 1:26-27. It is widely believed to be the definitive text in the Bible for a clear and explicit prohibition on any and all same-sex sex acts. But a wider (and deeper) look in to this passage might offer some compelling reasons to think differently about these verses.

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