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UnClobber is the resource thousands have been waiting for. An evangelical approach to the Bible and homosexuality can lead to a more expansive and inclusive view. LGBTQ people are not condemned by the Bible or by God. Progressive Christianity is about a more just and generous expression of the Christian faith.


rethinking our misuse of the bible on homosexuality


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I've taken my research from UnClobber and distilled it down in to easy to read single page PDFs. One cheat sheet for each Clobber Passage!

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See why Publishers Weekly called UnClobber a sincere memoir, welcome for those looking to navigate the changing tide of LGBTQ acceptance within the church.

Discover how to align your head with your heart on homosexuality and the Bible.

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Colby doesn’t play it safe. He dives right into the deep end—into the scary, wonderful, messy truth of a grace free for all.
— Glennon Doyle Melton

Written with a theologians intelligence and a pastor’s sensitivity, this book is the resource thousands have been waiting for.
— Brian D. McLaren

Funny, smart, and brilliantly paced. In his fresh and accessible way, Colby shows what the Bible actually says—clearing up all sorts of confusion along the way.
— Rob Bell

UnClobber is the book I wish I could have written… it is a great gift for all who are seeking deeper understanding, faith, and compassion.
— Doug Pagitt

If you’ve ever wondered what the Bible really says about homosexuality, you need to read this profoundly important book!
— Candice Czubernat

UnClobber combines thoughtful theological study with a compelling pastoral memoir to create a powerful progressive Christian manifesto. This is a call for all Christians to love better and without condition.
— Kristen Howerton

A deep and incisive survey of the “clobber passages” of the Bible, UnClobber is a compelling and profound journey that draws both heart and mind deeper into the kingdom of God.
— Richard Beck

Colby helps us deconstruct the parts that we often assume were the same line of thinking of sexuality, and faith, as the writers of the Bible, and helps us to rethink one of the most important topics of our time.
— Trey Pearson


Not just a book,
UnClobber® was also recorded as a video lecture series.

Join Colby as he tackles the Clobber Passages
in these HD Videos.

One of the most vitriolic words used against the LGBT community over the years is to call them An Abomination. In this session, Colby explores where this phrase came from (Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13), and offers some insights into what it meant for something to be an "abomination" for the ancient Israelite people.



Jump in to the heart of one of the most often quoted Clobber Passages, Romans 1:26-27. It is widely believed to be the definitive text in the Bible for a clear and explicit prohibition on any and all same-sex sex acts. But a wider (and deeper) look in to this passage might offer some compelling reasons to think differently about these verses.



It is not uncommon for someone to do a quick Google search when they are interested in what the Bible says about homosexuality. And that search will likely take them straight to 1 Corinthians 6:9 and/or 1 Timothy 1:9 where many recent English translations have included the word "homosexuality." So let's explore what the text originally said and referred to, shall we?