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UnClobber is the resource thousands have been waiting for. An evangelical approach to the Bible and homosexuality can lead to a more expansive and inclusive view. LGBTQ people are not condemned by the Bible or by God. Progressive Christianity is about a more just and generous expression of the Christian faith.


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NBC News Feature

UnClobber reached a national audience through this interview with NBC News and their NBC OUT division.



Podcast Guest

Dogma Debate: Radio host David Smalley (an atheist) brings Colby on to challenge his ideas in UnClobber live on the air. A riveting and compelling listen!

Red Letter Christians: An interview by the one and only longtime social activist, Tony Campolo, and also the other one and only pioneer of Jesus-living, Shane Claiborne. Colby gets some pushback from Tony.

The Art of Living Big: Entrepreneur Betsy Pake interviews Colby on her podcast. Listen in as they talk about Betsy's daughter coming out, the challenges of a growing faith, and more.

A Tiny Revolution: Hosted by Kevin Garcia, a fantastic LGBTQ activist and blogger. Listen to this episode as Kevin interviews me about leading with love and not fear. 

The CanCast: LGBTQ activist and therapist, Candice Czubernat, interviews Colby about what makes the church "safe." Encouraging and moving.

Crackers and Grape Juice: These guys "talk faith without the stained glass language." Colby was their featured guest to talk about UnClobber.



Featured on Blogs

San Diego Newspaper: LGBTQ Newspaper, Gay San Diego, featured Colby's story on their front page

Parchment Girl: Crazy cool blog on all things literary, UnClobber made the "Best of 2016" list

Richard Beck: Featured an excerpt from UnClobber

Brian McLaren: Q&A with Brian and Colby

Brother Bear: Gay rights activist asks Colby 20 Questions

Allison Kirkpatrick: Talks about Colby and Kate On Raising a Feminist Son

Qspirit: UnClobber listed as top LGBTQ + Christian book of the year



In Depth Reviews

"A sincere memoir... will be welcome to churchgoers looking for direction as they navigate the changing tide of LGBTQ acceptance within Christian communities." -Publishers Weekly

"Conservative Christians ought to examine these clobber passages and discover what they say (or don’t say) about sexual orientation and gender. To that end, Martin is a good dialogue partner because he takes the Bible seriously and engages these texts. LGBTQ allies will appreciate Martin’s story and commitment to understanding the Gospel of Grace inclusively. Those on the fence will find plenty of food for thought."  -Book Reviewer, James Matichuk

"This is a book that needs to get into as many hands as possible... I’m glad I read this, as I feel my understanding of the complexities of the Bible is now that much greater. I can now say that I’m a Christian that doesn’t judge gay people, and now I know why..." -Zachary Houle on Medium

"UnClobber is a wonderful starting point in realigning faith, community, and LGBTQ peoples grounded in the experience of one sojourner." -Ben A Johnson

"UnClobber challenges us to see those within the LGBTQ community as made in the image of God, but it goes beyond that – It dares us to see ourselves as part of the community of Christ." -Colleen Batchelder